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Challenge 25
Saturday 1st November
Psychedelic Psytrance, Techno, Breaks and Electro

Tribe of Frog - The Legendary Ultra-Violet Halloween Party

Tickets: £10.00
Advance ticket prices subject to booking fees

Time: 22.00 - 07.00

4 rooms for spooktacular psychedelic psytrance, techno, breaks and electro.

Main Room:

Southwild (Live), Rastaliens (Live), Mark Day (Live), Nigel, F’da F’da, Psycosonic, Dr.G

Room 2:

Perpetual Present (Live), Mary Miss Fairy, Superboss, Mishima, Geo, Pieman

Room 3:

Omega Flight, Vagrant Misfit, Lloyd Positivist, Cybernetic Ghost, Hemp, DJ Pod

Room 4:

Dutty Moonshine, Kaptin Is Dead, Zoot, Wicki, DR. Jivefish, Pickle

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